Mapire enables the user to navigate historical maps of the Habsburg empire using state-of-the art technologies including Google Maps, Google Earth and OpenStreetMap. The main goal is to create an international collaboration to make this content available to the world in a common interface using latest GIS features.

Military surveys

The current version of Mapire contains the first military survey (1764-1784) as well as the second military survey (1806-1869). Both of them is scaled 1 to 28.800 and covers the entire Habsburg empire. This magnificent archival content is world-wide unique in sense of antiqueness, resolution and artistical implementation. The 1:25.000 scale map sheets of the third military survey (1869-1887) cover the territory of the Hungarian Kingdom while the ones scaled 1 to 75.000 cover all the empire.

Cadastral maps

Cadastral maps were made in all the territories of the Habsburg Empire during the 19th century. The survey was unified scale (1:2.880), same geodetic system and same legend. We are continuously updating the content with Hungarian and Croatian map sheets.

Historical maps of Budapest

Historical maps of Budapest (capital of Hungary) are masterpieces of the map series representing the territory of Budapest. The surveys were carried out from 18th century to middle of 20th century with different, but detailed scale (1:720 to 1:5000), thus we can follow the changes and evolution of the city. The accuracy of georeferencing is 15-20 meters.

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Mapire has been created in a collaboration between the following institutes:

  • Austrian State Archives as the owner of the first and second military surveys
  • Hungarian National Archives as the owner of Hungarian cadastral maps
  • Government Office of the Capital City Budapest (legal successor of the Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing) as the owner and the guardian of the Hungarian cadastral maps
  • Croatian State Archives as the owner of Croatian cadastral maps
  • Hungarian War Archives as the owner of the third military survey
  • City Archives of Budapest as the owner of the maps of Budapest
  • Arcanum Adatbázis Kft as the developer and operator of the project
  • Department of Geophysics and Space Science, ELTE as the scientific background
  • Gábor Timár PhD Scientific advisor

Arcanum Adatbázis Kft has been leading the digitisation, georeferencing and development of the software to visualise the maps on different systems including Google Maps, Google Earth, and OpenStreetMap.

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